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F-HBLS Embraer E190STD

About F-HBLS - Embraer E190STD






Embraer E190STD




15 years

Last Seen

Yesterday (AF1007)





AF1007Yesterday17:25DUSDüsseldorfCDGParis Landed
AF1006Yesterday15:35CDGParisDUSDüsseldorf Landed
AF1457Yesterday08:15OLBOlbiaCDGParis Landed
AF1456Yesterday05:20CDGParisOLBOlbia Landed
AF128719 Jul.17:25DBVDubrovnikCDGParis Landed
AF128619 Jul.14:10CDGParisDBVDubrovnik Landed
AF750318 Jul.13:10NTENantesCDGParis Landed
ABC-DEFG Boeing 787-123 10 2021-12-31 2021-12-31
ABC-DEFG Boeing 787-123 10 2021-12-31 2021-12-31
ABC-DEFG Boeing 787-123 10 2021-12-31 2021-12-31
ABC-DEFG Boeing 787-123 10 2021-12-31 2021-12-31

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the registration number of this aircraft?

The registration number of this Embraer aircraft is F-HBLS.

Which airline owns this aircraft?

This aircraft is owned by Air France Hop.

What is the type and model of this aircraft?

The F-HBLS of Air France Hop is a Embraer E190STD.

What are the recent destinations and history of this aircraft?

The recent destinations of this F-HBLS Embraer are:

  • AF1007 from Düsseldorf (DUS) to Paris (CDG)
  • AF1006 from Paris (CDG) to Düsseldorf (DUS)
  • AF1457 from Olbia (OLB) to Paris (CDG)
  • AF1456 from Paris (CDG) to Olbia (OLB)
  • AF1287 from Dubrovnik (DBV) to Paris (CDG)
  • AF1286 from Paris (CDG) to Dubrovnik (DBV)
  • AF7503 from Nantes (NTE) to Paris (CDG)
  • AF7502 from Paris (CDG) to Nantes (NTE)
  • AF1759 from Málaga (AGP) to Paris (CDG)
  • AF1758 from Paris (CDG) to Málaga (AGP)
  • AF7497 from Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques (PUF) to Paris (CDG)
  • AF7496 from Paris (CDG) to Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques (PUF)
  • AF1167 from Zagreb (ZAG) to Paris (CDG)
  • AF1166 from Paris (CDG) to Zagreb (ZAG)
  • AF1037 from Ljubljana (LJU) to Paris (CDG)

How old is this aircraft?

This Embraer aircraft of Air France Hop is 15 years old.

The safety of aircraft is always a priority for Air France Hop, regardless of the age of the aircraft. This Embraer of 15 years is safe and is not yet due for retirement. Moreover, the interior is often upgraded with new seats more than a new aircraft is ordered, for extra comfort.