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F-HTVR Boeing 737-86J

About F-HTVR - Boeing 737-86J






Boeing 737-86J




12 years

Last Seen

Today (TO3631)





TO7016Tomorrow15:55ORYParisBIQBiarritz Scheduled
TO3619Tomorrow11:05RHORhodesORYParis Scheduled
TO3618Tomorrow06:40ORYParisRHORhodes Scheduled
TO3631Today04:00HERHeraklionORYParis Landed
TO3630Yesterday16:50ORYParisHERHeraklion Landed
TO3589Yesterday12:50SKGThessalonikiORYParis Landed
TO3588Yesterday09:10ORYParisSKGThessaloniki Landed
ABC-DEFG Boeing 787-123 10 2021-12-31 2021-12-31
ABC-DEFG Boeing 787-123 10 2021-12-31 2021-12-31
ABC-DEFG Boeing 787-123 10 2021-12-31 2021-12-31
ABC-DEFG Boeing 787-123 10 2021-12-31 2021-12-31

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the registration number of this aircraft?

The registration number of this Boeing aircraft is F-HTVR.

Which airline owns this aircraft?

This aircraft is owned by Transavia France.

What is the type and model of this aircraft?

The F-HTVR of Transavia France is a Boeing 737-86J.

What are the recent destinations and history of this aircraft?

The recent destinations of this F-HTVR Boeing are:

  • TO7016 from Paris (ORY) to Biarritz (BIQ)
  • TO3619 from Rhodes (RHO) to Paris (ORY)
  • TO3618 from Paris (ORY) to Rhodes (RHO)
  • TO3631 from Heraklion (HER) to Paris (ORY)
  • TO3630 from Paris (ORY) to Heraklion (HER)
  • TO3589 from Thessaloniki (SKG) to Paris (ORY)
  • TO3588 from Paris (ORY) to Thessaloniki (SKG)
  • TO4751 from Barcelona (BCN) to Paris (ORY)
  • TO4750 from Paris (ORY) to Barcelona (BCN)
  • TO3557 from Santorini (JTR) to Paris (ORY)
  • TO3556 from Paris (ORY) to Santorini (JTR)
  • TO3511 from Mykonos (JMK) to Paris (ORY)
  • TO3510 from Paris (ORY) to Mykonos (JMK)
  • TO3517 from Mykonos (JMK) to Paris (ORY)
  • TO3516 from Paris (ORY) to Mykonos (JMK)

How old is this aircraft?

This Boeing aircraft of Transavia France is 12 years old.

The safety of aircraft is always a priority for Transavia France, regardless of the age of the aircraft. This Boeing of 12 years is safe and is not yet due for retirement. Moreover, the interior is often upgraded with new seats more than a new aircraft is ordered, for extra comfort.