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What are Flying Blue Promo Rewards?
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What are Flying Blue Promo Rewards?

What are Flying Blue Promo Rewards? Discover how to book cheap KLM flight tickets, save on travel expenses, and enjoy exclusive benefits.

To better understand the workings of reward flights, we'll start with an explanation of what Flying Blue is and how it relates to KLM and Air France.

What is Flying Blue?

Flying Blue is the loyalty program of airlines KLM, Air France, and Transavia. A loyalty program in the aviation industry, like Flying Blue, is a type of reward system that airlines use to reward their regular customers.

As a member of Flying Blue, you earn points (Flying Blue Miles) every time you fly with these airlines or their partners. You can then redeem these points for various benefits, such as free flights, upgrades to a better class, extra baggage, or other services.

If you've flown with KLM or Air France in the past, there's a good chance that you already have a Flying Blue account. Logging in on the websites of these airlines can only be done with a Flying Blue account.

If you don't have a Flying Blue account yet, you can do this for free via

What are Flying Blue Miles?

As you've already read above, you earn miles every time you fly with KLM, Air France, or partners of Flying Blue. These points are called Flying Blue Miles and you automatically collect them if you're a member.

How do you earn Flying Blue Miles?

The amount of miles you receive for flying depends on several factors. The distance, airline, and your flight ticket (e.g., Economy) weigh the most for most travelers. So, a KLM flight to New York will earn you more Flying Blue Miles than a Transavia flight to Lisbon.

You earn Flying Blue miles with these airlines among others:

  • KLM
  • Air France
  • Transavia
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Qantas
  • Air Europa
  • Kenya Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic

Airlines have certain conditions for receiving and calculating points. So, when booking a flight ticket, check if you are earning Flying Blue miles.

Flying Blue Promo Rewards

Of course, you want to spend your accumulated points (miles) as best as possible. You can use your Flying Blue Miles for upgrades, extra baggage, or free flight tickets. The latter option is the most interesting for most travelers.

Especially for members, KLM and Air France publish the Promo Rewards every month. As the name suggests, these are special offers (promos) where you can buy flight tickets with your Flying Blue Miles. On the homepage of our website, you always see the most recent Promo Rewards for that month.

How do I book a Promo Reward?

Booking a Promo Reward works the same as booking a flight ticket with money. You book a Promo Reward via the KLM website. In the search system, you choose "Book with Miles" and the rest follows.

How many miles do I need for a Promo Reward?

This depends on the destination and the class in which you want to fly. Below are some examples of Promo Rewards that you can book with your points.

Destination Class Miles
London Economy from 5,000
Barcelona Economy from 6,000
Milan Economy from 6,000
New York Economy from 15,000
Los Angeles Economy from 27,000

You can also use our search system to see how many miles you need for a flight ticket to your destination. Click on "Search flight ticket" in the menu.

Updated on 21 Jan 2024 - Lees in Nederlands