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Flights from Amsterdam to Vienna

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

960 km · 1h 37min



Vienna International Airport

There are no deals this month for flights from Amsterdam to Vienna.

Deals history

History (One Way)

Sep. 2023

6,000 miles · Economy

Feb. 2023

6,000 miles · Economy

Jan. 2023

6,000 miles · Economy

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a Promo Reward from Amsterdam (AMS) to Vienna (VIE)?

Booking a Promo Reward flight with KLM or Air France to Vienna should be done through the respective airlines' websites. To help you, we've created a step-by-step guide for KLM.

  1. Go to the KLM website (or click here).
  2. Sign in with your Flying Blue account.
  3. Navigate back to the KLM homepage.
  4. Click on "Book with Miles".
  5. In the "Departure from" field, enter your starting point: Amsterdam (AMS)
  6. In the "Arrival at" field, enter your destination: Vienna (VIE)
  7. Next, select your travel period, number of passengers, travel class, and flight type (one-way or round trip).
  8. Click "Search flights" to start looking for available tickets.
  9. Choose your preferred Promo Reward flight to Vienna.
  10. After making your selection, you'll see a summary including the total price.
  11. Finalize the payment, and your KLM / Air France flight ticket from Amsterdam (AMS) to Vienna (VIE) will be confirmed.

How many Flying Blue miles do I need for a flight from Amsterdam (AMS) to Wenen (VIE)?

In addition to standard Reward flight tickets to Vienna, Promo Rewards are also regularly available. These are promotional fare tickets that are temporarily available.

The latest Promo Reward from Amsterdam (AMS) to Vienna (VIE) was in September 2023. A flight ticket to Vienna then cost 6,000 miles in Economy.

When was the last Promo Reward from Amsterdam to Vienna?

Unfortunately, there is no Promo Reward available to Vienna this month.

The last known Promo Reward to us for Vienna (AMS) was in September 2023.