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KLM receives its first Airbus A321neo (PH-AXA) and these are the destinations

KLM receives its first Airbus A321neo (PH-AXA) and these are the destinations

Discover all about KLM’s new Airbus A321neo, PH-AXA, named ‘Koninginnepage,’ which will start flying to destinations like Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Berlin from September 2024.

An exciting moment for KLM and its passengers. The first Airbus A321neo from KLM is expected next month! This modern aircraft promises to offer more comfort, efficiency, and sustainability for passengers.

At the end of June, KLM revealed the name of its new aircraft: "Koninginnepage." Additionally, the airline announced three more names for its new aircraft: "Braamvlinder," "Citroenvlinder," and "Porseleinvlinder."

Destinations of the KLM Airbus A321neo

Starting mid-September, the A321neo with registration number PH-AXA will make its first commercial flight between Amsterdam and Copenhagen. After that, the new Airbus will be used on routes to Stockholm, Berlin, and Copenhagen. The expansion of destinations ensures that more passengers can enjoy the improved comfort and efficiency of the A321neo.

From October, the new KLM Airbus will also be deployed to the following destinations:

100 new Airbus A321neo aircraft on order

After adding the Embraer 195-E2 to the European fleet, KLM is making a significant step towards achieving its sustainability goals and improving customer experience and comfort with the Airbus A321neo. This aircraft also contributes to reducing noise pollution, as it produces up to 50% less noise compared to previous generation aircraft. These developments are crucial for realizing the ambition of having a cleaner, quieter, and more efficient fleet.

This large order of 100 Airbus A321neo aircraft has been placed by the Air France-KLM Group. In addition to KLM, Transavia and Transavia France will also receive aircraft from this order. This investment underscores the group's commitment to the future of sustainable aviation and enhancing the passenger experience on their European routes.

The arrival of the A321neo represents a major upgrade for our European fleet. The aircraft produces up to fifty percent less noise and fifteen percent less CO2 emissions compared to the aircraft it replaces, marking a significant step towards cleaner, quieter, and more efficient flying.

Marjan Rintel, CEO KLM

Updated on 09 Jul 2024 - Lees in Nederlands