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Redeeming Air Miles for a Free KLM Flight Ticket, Is It Possible?

Redeeming Air Miles for a Free KLM Flight Ticket, Is It Possible?

Do you want to redeem your saved Air Miles points for a KLM flight ticket? Read on to find out how you can use your accumulated Air Miles from Albert Heijn, Shell, and Praxis for a free flight.

In the Netherlands, you can earn free Air Miles at locations like Albert Heijn, Etos, Shell, and Praxis. By linking your loyalty card to your AirMiles account, you automatically earn miles with every purchase.

Depending on the location, you can earn up to 2 Air Miles per euro spent. You can read the number of miles per chain on the AirMiles saving page.

Difference between Air Miles and Flying Blue Miles

Although the names of both programs are very similar, the contents of the two programs are different. If you have flown with KLM before, chances are you have a Flying Blue account with perhaps unused Flying Blue Miles.

Air Miles

As mentioned earlier, Air Miles is one of the largest loyalty programs in the Netherlands. You can only earn these miles at the following affiliated partners:

  • Albert Heijn
  • Shell
  • Praxis
  • Etos
  • Essent
  • Gall & Gall
  • Hallmark

You might notice that KLM and Transavia are not on this list. This is because this loyalty program actually has nothing to do with aviation or flight tickets, despite what the name might suggest.

You can convert Air Miles into Flying Blue Miles. This way, you can still redeem your Air Miles for a free KLM flight ticket. More on this is described at the bottom of this article.

Flying Blue

Flying Blue is indeed all about aviation. Flying Blue is the loyalty program of KLM, Air France, and Transavia. In this loyalty program, you can earn and spend Flying Blue Miles.

You can earn Flying Blue Miles by:

  • Flying with KLM, Air France, Transavia, or other partners.
  • Booking accommodations at or Marriott
  • Renting a car with Hertz, Avis, Sixt, and more partners
  • Online shopping at more than 200 stores
  • Using an American Express credit card
  • Purchasing miles at a discount

You can then use these earned KLM points for flight tickets, upgrades (e.g., Business Class), extra baggage, hotel stays, or free products.

To determine how many Flying Blue Miles are needed for a KLM flight, you need to consider the destination, the time of year you travel, and the class in which you want to fly, as these factors affect the number of Miles required.

Converting Air Miles to Flying Blue Miles

Do you want to redeem Air Miles for a KLM flight ticket? Then you first need to convert your points to the Flying Blue program. At the time of writing, the option to exchange Air Miles for Flying Blue Miles is (temporarily) unavailable.

At this moment, it is not possible to exchange your Air Miles/Flying Blue Miles due to technical reasons. We are working hard on a solution and expect to have this functionality back online as soon as possible.

– Customer Service

We will update this article as soon as it becomes possible again.

Updated on 08 Jun 2024 - Lees in Nederlands