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What are the benefits of Flying Blue Platinum?

What are the benefits of Flying Blue Platinum?

Discover the Flying Blue Platinum benefits with KLM and Air France and find out what extras you can expect as a Platinum member. With our article, you'll get the most out of your air travel.

Platinum is the fourth tier in the Flying Blue loyalty program and offers great benefits such as complimentary access to SkyTeam lounges, SkyPriority airport priority, free checked baggage, and more.

The different levels (statuses) in the Flying Blue program:

  1. Flying Blue - Explorer
  2. Flying Blue - Silver
  3. Flying Blue - Gold
  4. Flying Blue - Platinum 
  5. Flying Blue - Ultimate

Note; there is also an American Express Flying Blue Platinum credit card. Despite the nearly identical name, this credit card does not directly grant you Flying Blue Platinum status.

What is Flying Blue Platinum?

Flying Blue Platinum status offers frequent travelers of Air France, KLM, and partner airlines a range of benefits aimed at enhancing their travel experience. From priority check-in and boarding to additional baggage allowances, this status makes travel more streamlined and comfortable.

Thanks to the rapid rate at which Platinum members accumulate Miles, they can more easily take advantage of the monthly KLM Promo Awards. These special offers allow members to book flights with fewer Miles, which is a direct benefit of earning Miles faster as a Platinum member.

Flying Blue Platinum Benefits

The key benefits of Flying Blue Platinum include:

  • SkyTeam Elite Plus status
  • Earn 8 Flying Blue Miles for every euro spent
  • Complimentary access to SkyTeam lounges for you and a guest
  • SkyPriority
  • Complimentary use of seat options
  • One free piece of checked luggage on SkyTeam flights
  • Personal assistance via the Platinum Service Line

The differences between the various Flying Blue levels are clearly shown in the table below. Please note; we have not highlighted all the benefits.

  Explorer Silver Gold Platinum Ultimate
Lounge Access - Paid access Free + 1 guest Free + 1 guest Free + 1 guest
SkyPriority - - Yes Yes Yes
SkyTeam - SkyTeam Elite SkyTeam Elite Plus SkyTeam Elite Plus SkyTeam Elite Plus
Earning Miles 4 miles p/euro 6 miles p/euro 7 miles p/euro 8 miles p/euro 9 miles p/euro
Miles Validity - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elite-bonus - 50% 75% 100% 100%
Required XP 0 100 XP Silver + 180 XP Gold + 300 XP 900 UXP

Flying Blue Gold vs. Platinum

If you're considering upgrading from Flying Blue Gold to Platinum, it's important to understand the additional benefits you receive as a Platinum member. Here are some of the key differences:

  • Earning Miles: As a Platinum member, you earn 8 Miles for every euro spent, while as a Gold member, you receive 7 Miles per euro.
  • Seat Choice: Platinum members can choose any seat for free, whereas Gold members have complimentary access to standard seats and free seat options available 72 hours before departure.
  • Elite Bonus: Platinum members receive an elite bonus of 100%, which is higher than the 75% bonus for Gold members.
  • Complimentary Seat Options: Platinum offers complimentary seat options, which is a benefit not always available to Gold members.
  • Personal Service: Platinum members have access to the Platinum Service Line for personal assistance, which is a step up from the service received by Gold members.

How to become Flying Blue Platinum?

To reach Flying Blue Platinum, you need to accumulate a significant number of XP (Experience Points) within a calendar year by flying with Air France, KLM, or any of the other partner airlines. The exact number of XP required depends on your starting level within the program. You begin as an Explorer and can climb to higher levels such as Platinum by collecting XP.

After achieving Silver and then Gold, the next step is Platinum. While Platinum is not the highest level within the Flying Blue program, it is the highest status that can be obtained through the usual XP collection process.

Platinum for life

Platinum for Life is an additional benefit in the Flying Blue program. If you maintain Platinum status for 10 consecutive years, you achieve Platinum status for life. This means you no longer need to earn enough XP each year to maintain your Platinum status.

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