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When are the KLM World Deal Weeks (Werelddeal Weken) 2024?

When are the KLM World Deal Weeks (Werelddeal Weken) 2024?

Cheap KLM flight tickets are best booked during the annual KLM World Deal Weeks (Werelddeal Weken). KLM also offers action weeks this year, where great deals on flights can be found. What the KLM World Deal Weeks will look like in 2024 is covered in this blog.

Maybe you have heard of the World Deal Weeks (Werelddeal Weken) or Real Deal Days. During these events, you can get flight tickets to many destinations at discounted rates.

When KLM Werelddeal Weken?

Since 2009, KLM has announced the World Deal Weeks (Werelddeal Weken) every year in January and September. During this period, you could book flight tickets at reduced prices. Popular destinations included places like New York, Bangkok en Rome.

Unfortunately, KLM discontinued the World Deal Weeks in 2019 due to the coronavirus crisis, which had a massive impact on travel and aviation worldwide.

The campaign will not be continued..

— Bas Gerressen, Director of KLM Netherlands

In an interview with, KLM Director Bas Gerressen indicated that there will be no continuation of the well-known KLM World Deal Weeks. However, Gerressen did mention that KLM will come up with new offers in the future, where affordable prices will play an important role.

KLM Real Deal Days

After saying goodbye to the 'Werelddeal Dagen' and following the coronavirus crisis, the KLM Real Deal Days were quickly introduced. Therefore, we can conclude that the Real Deal Days are a replacement for the World Deal Weeks.

What are the KLM Real Deal Days?

You can see the KLM Real Deal Days as a replacement for the World Deal Weeks. Just keep in mind that you won't see the old prices from the World Deal Weeks anymore. This is due to several factors:

  • Air Passenger Tax since 2021
    From 2021, an air ticket from the Netherlands costs an additional €29.05 due to air passenger tax. This is a mandatory tax imposed by the government.
  • Sustainability / Climate
    In the aforementioned interview, KLM mentioned that they would be moving away from "rock-bottom" prices.
  • High Inflation
  • Recovery after COVID-19

Despite the new prices, we have already seen plenty of great deals during the Real Deal Days of 2023.

When are the KLM Real Deal Days 2024?

If you're looking to find out when the replacement Real Deal Days are, there's good news: the first edition is scheduled for January 11 to January 24, 2024.

In 2023, KLM launched the Real Deal Days twice. The KLM Real Deal Days took place on:

  1. January 13 to January 23, 2023
  2. September 7 to September 20, 2023

If you missed the first KLM Real Deal Days of 2024, there's a good chance KLM will hold a second edition around September 2024. However, this isn't certain.

Monthly KLM Promo Rewards

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Updated on 14 Jan 2024 - Lees in Nederlands